Today was a big day for John Cena, therefore it was a big day for Nikki Bella. Nikki has been tagging along as of late to most of John Cena’s media engagements. But that’s not a bad thing. Nikki has real value as well. She’s great as a host and has been proving herself as a backstage influence. Therefore, when John Cena got to co-host The Today Show on Monday morning, Nikki was on it too.

The oldest Bella Twin posted a social media message with a couple of pictures of herself and John Cena on The Today Show set. It looked like she was warmly welcomed and was able to contribute in her own way.

Nikki has been working hard recently to prove she’s not just another twin and a pretty face. She got another opportunity to do just that in New York City at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

It might only be a matter of time before John and Nikki are hosting a talk show everyday as their main gig. After all, WWE doesn’t last forever and both of these highly successful and intelligent individuals are certainly looking past their pro wrestling careers.

Hulk Hogan has also been hard at work with his new Beach Shop. Well, he hired people to be hard at work for him. But we’re still sure it isn’t easy organizing such an undertaking. The Hulkster is opening “Hogan’s Beach Shop” in Orlando and they’re fighting to get it ready for launch by WrestleMania weekend.

After all, the beach shop is the reported reason why Hulk Hogan won’t be making WrestleMania this year. He’ll be at his new business signing autographs and posing for pictures all weekend, and he’s been promoted to be there through Sunday night.

But, right now they’re putting the finishing touches on his new business in hopes they’ll have it all completed by the big opening day. But, Hogan assured fans that one way or another they will be open, brother.