Dave Meltzer recently speculated that he expects to see Hulk Hogan back in a WWE ring at WrestleMania 33. Although this is pure speculation, Meltzer is usually spot on in his hypotheses.

There has been no official word on whether or not WWE and Hogan have been able to mend their broken relationship after the audio from his sex tape revealed that he didn’t approve of his daughter Brooke’s choice of boyfriends in a manner unbecoming of modern-aged human beings. He said some things that he now greatly regrets because he was in a very dark place at the time. He paid for his transgressions in more ways than one, and went into it in great detail during the Gawker trial.

WWE has forgiven people before, and even accepted Hogan himself back into the warm embrace of the WWE Universe in the past after ties were severed. Although his name is still removed from the WWE Hall of Fame’s website, his image has popped up (albeit quickly) in recent promo packages. Therefore, WWE could very well be warming up the temperature for Hogan to make a splash in Orlando.

The Hulkster is not only a WWE legend, but also a Florida resident so his reemergence at WrestleMania would be more than welcomed and it would probably result in the biggest pop of the night.

Someone asked Meltzer if Vince still has a surprise in store for fans at this year’s WrestleMania because Dave had reported that he did earlier in the year. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer had a very simple, yet significant response to this query.

So, whatcha gonna do when forgiveness runs wild on you, brother?