cody rhodes

Okay, this writer is well aware of the fact that the headline of the article is calling Mr. Runnels, “Cody Rhodes” and apparently that is a no-no in the proprietary world of professional wrestling because a guy can’t even carry on his father’s legacy by having the same last name if Vince owns it. But I will always know him as the American Dream Dusty Rhodes’ son. Although Cody has done more than enough to be able to step out of his father’s shadow, the grandson of a plumber still cherishes his incredible family lineage and continues to maintain the professionalism and creativity to fulfill his own American dream.

The American Nightmare “Cody” has taken the independent and international wrestling world by storm since he took off the Stardust make-up and ventured into uncharted territory. By the way, he’s doing pretty damn well for himself too. For crying out loud, he’s a member of the Bullet Club now.

Cody is the only wrestler, and probably will be the only wrestler ever to appear at WrestleMania, Wrestle Kingdom, and Final Battle all in the same 12-month period of time. If appearing at WWE, NJPW, and ROH’s biggest events in the same year-span isn’t enough of an impressive accomplishment he also did it without having any real contractual ties to the latter two organizations. Cody appears on Impact Wrestling as well, although he apparently can come and go as he pleases.

Dave Meltzer was recently asked whether or not Cody was under contract with Impact Wrestling and Meltzer had a very interesting and empowering response regarding Cody’s current status.

It looks like Cody is the modern-day equivalent of a professional wrestling nomad, and there are no signs of him stopping, or enjoying himself any less. His name means money, and he knows it which allows him to do as much as he can or wants to.

As Cody keeps doing his thing, Still Real To Us will continue to keep you our amazing (and intelligent) readers up to date on the former “Prince of Dark Matter” and the current “Star That Left Them in the Dust.”

Stay awesome, Cody.