impact wrestling

Global Force Wrestling’s future has been on a lot of people’s minds recently as they worry about what the future holds for the company. It’s been reported that Anthem Sports is looking to sell GFW, which could potentially leave WWE open to make on offer. The Impact library would make a fine addition to the WWE Network because of all the Superstars who worked there for years.

Most wouldn’t consider this to be the time for GFW to announce plans of expanding but that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Global Force Wrestling announced plans to launch a multi-platform digital service called the Global Wrestling Network, which will provide fans the chance to watch GFW whenever they want to. In addition to the Global Wrestling Network, the company also announced that IMPACT Wrestling Channel which will be launching on Pluto TV. If you didn’t know, Pluto TV is a twenty-four-hour streaming service providing viewers with OTT television service entertainment in the United States.

They also announced a plan for an extension with Pop TV and they’re not planning on leaving anytime soon. After all, they did just sign a rather nice a new contract.

There also plans to air Impact in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland via ran FIGHTING as well as a distribution deal with 7Sports.

With these plans in place hopefully, GFW still has a chance of turning a new leaf. After all, Impact Wrestling has always been the little promotion that could. They just keep going and going regardless of setbacks. This isn’t their first time doing damage control.

But Panda Energy kept Impact alive for years when they were known as TNA and run by Dixie Carter. Without their backing who knows what might be down the line. But let’s hope for the best because there are some great people down there who could really use their jobs.