Jeff Jarrett recently stepped away from his duties at GFW and a lot of people were wondering why. It was said this decision was due to “personal reasons” but many have been speculating that it could go deeper than that.

Ever since Anthem Sports bought Impact Wrestling they’ve been fighting an uphill battle around every turn. They can’t seem to get some crucial things right and even had to strip their World Championship away from Alberto El Patron a few weeks ago.

But new information is coming out as Sports Illustrated reports GFW is hemorrhaging funds and a source has confirmed Anthem is ready to sell the company and leave the wrestling business.

Apparently the deal to merge Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling was never officially completed, so Jeff Jarrett still owns the GFW name while Anthem owns the Impact Wrestling name.

If WWE is interested in buying Impact Wrestling from Anthem Sports then it’s likely they would be doing it for the tape library. After all, Impact Wrestling’s library includes hours worth of footage featuring current WWE Superstars such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, The Hardys, and many more.

It would make it a whole lot easier to sell DVD compilations if WWE had access to the last ten years of Kurt Angle’s wrestling career. But it would also give WWE a great chance to finally secure the Broken Universe for the Hardy Boyz which is sure to be a merchandising goldmine.

It could be possible for negotiations between Impact and WWE to reopen a dialogue at this point. After all, it was reported that John Gaburick did reach out to Kevin Dunn in order to discuss a sale of the company before Anthem became a player last time they were in the same situation.

Only time will tell what the future holds for GFW.

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