Carmella’s been on an interesting ride since coming to SmackDown Live. At first the crowds didn’t know how to accept her Queen Of Staten Island character and some said she would have been better off joining Enzo Amore and Big Cass on Raw.

But Carmella persevered and soon found herself in an on-screen program with James Ellsworth. It was speculated at first that they were more than friends but Carmella made it very clear that they were just friends. After all, she is still very involved with Big Cass in real life.

James assisted Carmella in winning the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match and then helped her win the second one too. After that Ellsworth was suspended for thirty days after he insulted Daniel Bryan’s daughter.

James Ellsworth likes to spoil things. If anything, he has made that part of his gimmick at this point. He announced ahead of time that he was coming back from suspension and told Natalya how Carmella planned on cashing in her Money In The Bank briefcase a couple weeks ago on SmackDown Live.

But this week on SmackDown Live things got very interesting for Carmella and Ellsworth. After James interfered in the match and accidentally dropped Carmella’s MITB briefcase in the ring it caused some confusion. It was enough of a diversion to give Natalya the chance to score a quick schoolgirl pin and get the win.

After the match was over Carmella berated James Ellsworth and finally told him that they’re through. But later on, James Ellsworth approached Carmella to apologize once again. Suddenly Carmella kissed James Ellsworth out of nowhere like an RKO and followed it up with a huge slap to the face.

If you’re confused by this newest development you’re not the only one. But James Ellsworth commented saying it was pretty cool to kiss someone as attractive as Carmella.