the broken hardys

There’s clearly not much love between The Hardys and GFW. Earlier this year The Hardys parted ways with Impact Wrestling, and a legal battle quickly ensued after Anthem sent out cease and desist letters to prevent Matt and Jeff from using the Broken Hardys gimmick.

An ugly public battle followed, and both sides have taken shots at one another on social media. It was reported that The Hardys and Anthem came close to a deal that would allow Matt and Jeff to use the gimmick, but it fell through and Anthem President Ed Nordholm later came out and said that he’s not interested in negotiating anymore.

Well, it will be interesting to see what happens with the rights to the gimmick depending on what happens with GFW, because it was recently reported that Anthem is already looking to sell the promotion, and the company is “hemorrhaging” money.

Shortly after the story surfaced, Matt Hardy posted the following:

Reby Hardy has been anything but quiet throughout this whole ordeal, and she also shared her thoughts on the situation.

Dolph Ziggler made his big re-debut this week on SmackDown Live, but instead of debuting a new gimmick, he just mocked other wrestlers, one of which happened to be Naomi.

Ziggler tried to recreate Naomi’s entrance, but it just wasn’t the same. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion took to Twitter to have a little fun with the segment, and she joked that the slide almost blew Dolph’s knee out.