broken matt hardy

We previously reported The Bullet Club went out for coffee the other day and documented their outing on social media. Broken Matt Hardy decided to share his Broken Brilliance with us all concerning the ultra-powerful, over 9000, popular New Japan stable. He promptly sent Vanguard 1 to survey the situation.

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It’s interesting to note how much contact the Young Bucks and Broken Matt have had recently. “The Bucks of Youth” as Hardy calls them are no strangers to reaching out on social media to blur the lines of kayfabe and companies in order to communicate with and support their friends.

The Bucks and the Hardys are set to face off against each other at ROH Supercard of Honor XI in Lakeland, Florida on April 1st one day prior to WrestleMania. We can’t wait for that one. It will also take place on the same night as NXT Takeover: Orlando, so there will certainly be a ton of news that night.

Zack Ryder is a broski. Zack is also a man. He’s a man’s man. He’s also not the type of person who is apparently shy about much, especially if he’s hiring you to transport him from place-to-place via a smartphone app.

Long Island Iced Z recently sent out a very humorous tweet about one of his most recent interactions with an Uber driver (if you’re into fart jokes, that is). Thankfully, he decided to share his experience and observation with all.

It’s good to know that while Ryder’s knee might have him on the shelf, apparently his colon is doing just fine.