randy orton

WWE’s Smackdown brand rolled through Moline Illinois and although AJ Styles was absent from the card, there was no shortage of star power at the event. Before the show started, Curt Hawkins posted one of the best tweets we’ve seen in a while. He’s awesome, they really need to use him better.

American Alpha was in the building to battle The Usos and The Ascension. Alpha went over in the contest and a fan caught that moment where AA posed with their belts before the show.

We just love the look on Gable’s face when he shows that towel, it’s almost like he’s surprised to see that it has his name on it or something.

The A-List Couple were in the house to put The Lunatic Fringe over in an Intercontinental Title match. This was said to be a good match, and Miz got the opportunity to work the microphone to make sure he had plenty of heat.

Tamina Snuka continued her house show streak as she teamed with Becky Lynch to defeat Alexa Bliss, Natalya, and Carmella.


We agree with @BrockLesnarGuy. Alexa is bliss, and she looks so good with that blue belt too. Whoever came up with the idea for her to hold her title like that is a genius.

James Ellsworth was there alongside Carmella. The look on his face when he has the best seat in the house to peak a look at Carmella is priceless.

The Princess of Staten Island is a mighty big person because most girls would have called the cops on James by now.

Randy Orton defeated Luke Harper. At this point, those two have to be ready to showcase their match together on a bigger stage.

Oh yeah, and Randy gave the crowd the finger and the DX crotch chop after the match was over. We’re not sure if it was called for, but it’s been well documented that Randy can get away with anything.

So we can only applaud The Viper for being himself.

The Eater of Worlds put his WWE Championship up against Super Cena and The Lone Wolf in the main event of the evening.

Wyatt won the triple threat match, and if you’re wondering how he pulled that off don’t fret because all you need to do is visit the tweet below.

Here are some more supreme tweets that we couldn’t squeeze in the space above, so we’re putting them in the space below instead.