randy orton

Randy Orton is certainly no stranger to controversy, as he was pretty wild during his early days with WWE. Over the past few years things have been pretty quiet for Randy Orton and he’s managed to lay low for the most part, but now NEA Report out of Northeast Arkansas is reporting that Orton was involved in an altercation with a fan on Monday.

According to the report, a man named Anthony Martin spotted Randy Orton at The Trim Gym on Monday, and he approached the former WWE World Champion. Martin asked Randy Orton for a photograph, but according to him Orton told him that he couldn’t hear what he was saying because he was wearing headphones.

“I approached him by myself and said, ‘Can I get a picture of you?,’” Martin said. “He gave me a fist bump and replied, ‘Sorry. I can’t hear you,’ pointing to his ear phones. We went our separate ways.”

After parting ways with Randy Orton, Anthony Martin then decided to snap a picture of him from across the room, but Randy Orton apparently did not approve of his actions.

“He saw me snap the picture and came up to me got in my face and said, ‘What the f**k are you doing? I said no **ddamn pictures! Are you f**king stupid?’” Martin said. “I said, ‘No. You said you couldn’t hear me.”

Cody Halstead, a friend of Martin who also spoke to NEA Report claimed that Orton then grabbed Martin’s hand and started to belittle him.

That’s when Martin offered to delete the picture, and Orton told him that he wanted the picture to be deleted. Martin says he is a former cop, and according to his side of the story he stayed calm while trying to deescalate the situation. He added that he had friends behind him and he also stayed close to Randy Orton which caused Orton to back down as Orton told him to, “Keep the f**king picture. Enjoy your workout.’”