roman reigns

WWE isn’t going to take the fact that nobody sees Roman Reigns as a face except for Vince McMahon laying down. They will pull every trick in the book from muting boos on live television, to blurring out anti-Roman signs in the crowd during Raw and pay-per-view replays. Needless to say, Kevin Dunn’s finger is getting tired muting all of those negative reactions for the latest member of the Anoa’i Family to grace the WWE.

There have been numerous claims by fans in attendance at WWE television and pay-per-view tapings that reactions for Roman Reigns aren’t what they appear to be with WWE overlaying cheers to cover the negative reactions that he is actually getting. Those in the crowd during WrestleMania 32 recall a much different reaction from the fans in attendance at the AT&T Stadium than what was portrayed on television.

During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw WWE altered fan reactions to Chris Jericho’s United States Championship win in the promo package retelling the event. Indeed history is created by the winners, but right now it doesn’t look like anybody is winning this one.

As shown below, the actual reaction of the man used in the promo was one of joy when Y2J toppled the Samoan to capture his first US Title. But when they replayed the segment in a package on Raw, WWE altered the man’s reaction to display one of shock.

It’s an intelligent attempt to manipulate the greater population in such a way, but they’re not fooling the true fans who know what the real feeling about Roman is currently.

The fan from the video package commented on the video package by saying that he’s convinced next week WWE might throw a little big of CGI into the mix.