ring of honor

Christopher Daniels is a professional wrestling veteran and he’s been in the game for a long time now. He’s had some great matches in ROH, but the ROH World Title has eluded him. Daniels will get his shot at the ROH World Title on March 10th during the Ring of Honor 15th anniversary show in Las Vegas, and the match could change his career in a big way.

There’s no denying that Daniels is talented, but he’s not often featured as a top guy. The Fallen Angel recently spoke with CBS Local Sports about his career and he was asked if he’s frustrated with his spot in the company, but like a true professional he noted that it’s not up to him to decide how he’s used.

“I think I paid enough dues a long time ago. But circumstances are what they are, and sometimes matches don’t go the way you want them to go. Certainly going into the 15th Anniversary Show I feel like there’s a lot of momentum on my side right now. If the fans’ feelings are that it’s about time I’ve had the championship, I’m not going to argue with that. It remains to be seen what happens. March 10th is a ways away, and a lot can happen between now and then. I’ve gone into every title match that I’ve ever had with the idea that I’ve worked hard enough to get there and can carry the title that I’m competing for if I get my hand raised at the end. That’s the same mentality that I’m going into it this time.”

Christopher Daniels has worked for quite a few wrestling promotions throughout his career and there are many fans out there who would have loved to see him win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship during his run with the company.

It’s an interesting time to be a wrestler right now, as Cody Rhodes has been able to work with both TNA and ROH, when asked if he would be interested in working for both promotions, Daniels said he doesn’t see it happening anytime soon.

“It would have to be a situation that would call for something like that. Honestly, right now I don’t see anything that would make me want to go to TNA. I wouldn’t say I’m not going. It would have to be something creatively that would spark an idea. At this point, I’m really happy working with Ring of Honor. If the landscape were to change, where some sort of partnership between Ring of Honor and TNA would be beneficial for both companies, I would certainly be open to that. But I don’t see it that way yet, and we’d have to adjust that answer if something were to come up in the future.”

The ROH 15th anniversary show is scheduled to take place from the Sam’s Town Gambling Hall and Casino in Las Vegas on March 10th and you can purchase tickets by clicking here.