Everyone in the office wanted Hulk Hogan back at WrestleMania IX while he was taking his hiatus from the WWF. There were reports that he was talking to Vince about a return, the only problem was how he was going to come back.

We all know how WrestleMania IX ended. Hulk Hogan returned unannounced after the main event between Bret Hart and Yokozuna and beat The Samoan Sumo in 22 seconds for the Winged-Eagle belt. But, there were some other ways they wanted to go with Hogan’s surprise debut first.

On the WreslteMania IX edition of “Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard” on the MLW Radio Network, Bruce and Conrad talked about all things WrestleMania IX including what really happened surrounding Hulk Hogan’s return to the WWF in 1993.

Bruce says Hulk was looking for one last run in the WWF. Prichard said they were planning an international tour and wanted to get Hogan in on the action before Hulk got busy again with his ongoing film career.

Bruce Prichard says there were initial plans to bring Dustin Rhodes in from WCW to feud with the Hulkster to work up to a WrestleMania match, but Terry Bollea said “No way brother.”

Dustin would later find success with the Goldust character a few years later, but just think about how different our history with The Bizarre One would be if he had emerged in 1993 in an attempt to stop Hulkamania from running wild in the WWF.