shane mcmahon

We know, everybody loves Shane McMahon. He is the McMahon child that people have unanimously supported throughout his career. He’s a good guy, a people’s advocate, and his insane, but sometimes unnecessary bumps have created some of the most memorable moments in WWE history.

But, his days in the ring need to be in the past. There are so many reasons to stop booking Shane McMahon in matches, and one of the main reasons is that he doesn’t have to do it. We know, he wants to perform. But that shouldn’t be the reason why he does it.

The only real benefit we can see for Shane McMahon matches at this point is that they make for great content on Botchamania.

Shane-O-Mac has so much to live for that quite frankly, he doesn’t need to put himself at risk. His match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania last year could have paralyzed him if the spot off the cell went differently. And, if that wasn’t enough of a risk to paralyze him just look at that crazy springboard spear he took from Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. We all thought for a second that he might have been dead.

He is a father, has a great job With WWE in a non-wrestling role, and he’s a multimillionaire. During his years away from WWE, he did quite well for himself in China.

We understand booking him against the best in the world is one of the only ways to save his lack of in-ring ability at this point. But, sacrificing an AJ Styles match at WrestleMania just so you can put the boss’s son on the card doesn’t seem worth it.

Nobody can deny that it is fun to watch Shane McMahon climb up on things that are very high up in the air and jump onto people, or simply fall through something all by his lonesome.  But, if you really break it down, as entertaining as it might be, he is much more entertaining as a personality, and if Shane severely injured himself during a match we wouldn’t have him every week on television (or at least when he can show up).

We’re not going to disparage Shane McMahon at all because he has given us years of enjoyment and when he returned to television last year everyone was elated. But, if you really boil it down to brass tacks, what is the main reason Shane McMahon would put himself in a match at all?

Does he do it for the rush? The pride? The money? Longing for his father’s approval?

The fact is he doesn’t need to do it. Programming him with somebody in a more appropriate way could be extremely beneficial. Let Shane have someone represent him instead. If he’s going to have it out against AJ Styles in one way or another, bring someone in as his heavy hand (or Strong Style hand). If Shane wants to do a big spot at Mania, let him interfere and jump off of something high during a run-in. We would love to see that!

But, AJ styles needs to face someone other than Shane McMahon at his second WrestleMania.

Let it be Nakamura,  let it be anybody. They haven’t shown much interaction building toward WrestleMania 33 for Shane and AJ because The Phenomenal One has been preoccupied with the crazy WWE Championship storyline. But signs of McMahon vs. Styles will likely begin to surface soon.

It’s just starting to get cringe-worthy at this point when you consider the fact that Shane McMahon is a 47-year-old man and is still putting his life at risk when he doesn’t have to. He loves his fans, true. But there are much better ways that he can show appreciation to the fans than damn near killing himself at a big match pay-per-view and taking a spot in the process.


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