talking smack

During the first few moments of Talking Smack, Renee Young asked Daniel Bryan if they had a #1 contender for the WWE Championship and he replied, “we don’t know.” He said he was a member of the Wyatt Family for 2 weeks and at no point did he consider arson, therefore Daniel Bryan is obviously the bigger man there.

Natalya came out and Renee asked her what the confrontation with Alexa Bliss was all about. Natalya said it was just girl talk. Nattie said Alexa is like a dirty cat walking through a litter box and she’s a veteran cat. Natalya made a cat analogy, there’s a shocker.

Daniel questioned Natalya’s win over Nikki last week because of Maryse’s assistance. Nattie said she won with honor, pride, and dignity and she’s the better Canadian than Maryse. Nattie really acted like she had an inflated ego there. The Queen of Harts said she wanted to educate Alexa Bliss and Nikki about who the Harts are. She then said she wants her own television show.

Nattie said she wants to have her cake and eat it too by winning the Women’s Championship. She campaigned for her own show once more and told Young and Bryan she’d be talking to them about it later. Renee reminded Natalya they had no say in new WWE Network shows.

America Alpha came out to prove they were in the building tonight although they weren’t on Smackdown Live this week. Gable said he won his high school state wrestling championship in the same building the best episode of Smackdown ever took place in. Gable said he would have loved to smash The Usos in his home state, but it didn’t happen.

Alpha said they’re not hiding from Rikishi’s kids like they were while taking those creepy stalker pictures of them earlier in the night. They wanted Jimmy and Jey in the ring and asked Daniel Bryan to hook them up with a match.

Daniel Bryan said he hopes James Ellsworth’s ring gear is bedazzled next week in the mixed tag match with Carmella against John Cena and his sister-in-law. So do we.

Shane McMahon came out unannounced and said Daniel and himself have a lot to go over. He said he ran into AJ Styles in the hallway and they have things to talk about. Shane didn’t look like he wanted to be out on Talking Smack.

The new #1 contender for the WWE Championship (in theory), AJ Styles came out next and said he didn’t know what was going on. He said he earned his title shot and jumped through every hoop they made him jump through. AJ said he’s done everything he could to secure his match at Mania while Shane looked on like an arrogant high school principal going “mmhmm” after everything Styles said.

Shane said they have a lot to discuss and AJ Styles replied by saying he’s glad Shane got kicked in the head tonight because he shouldn’t have been out there in the first place. AJ said if Orton wants a shot, then he can get behind him.

AJ concluded his segment by saying he is wrestling Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and that’s the bottom line. AJ tossed down his microphone and left.

Shane said once again they’ve got a lot of work to do and he left with D-Bry. Looks like they might be turning AJ full babyface here to battle against a passive aggressive Shane McMahon. It’s not King of Stong Style, but it’s something… although it should still be Nakamura.

The Road To WrestleMania is much more interesting on Smackdown than Raw for sure. Smackdown is like an exciting road through a mountainous area with many twists, turns, and sharp blind corners. Meanwhile, the Road to WrestleMania on the Raw brand is like driving through Kansas on a 120 mile straight stretch. We can see where we’re going miles up the road and it’s not a very entertaining drive at all unless you have the Still Real To Us podcast playing.