dana brooke

Dana Brooke was one of the more surprising additions to the Raw main roster when she made her debut last year, but she was someone that the WWE Universe were slowly becoming accustomed to.

That is until she botched the pin in her match against Bayley back in October when she misjudged the distance and failed to get her legs on the rope for a dirty pin. Since then her time on WWE programming has been few and far between, and Dana only served to prove officials right this past week when she literally had one job and managed to mess it up.

Dana was not chosen as the woman who would partner with Charlotte in her tag match against the Women’s Champion and Sasha Banks, that honor was given to Nia Jax, while Dana stayed at ringside. Dana was supposed to grab Bayley’s legs as she ran into the ropes midway through the match but somehow she managed to miss.

Many of the WWE Universe have picked up on this and even tweeted videos of the botch and Dana decided it was time to call out her haters yesterday.

Is WWE right to be giving Dana Brooke less time on TV and slowly distance her from Charlotte? Or does the former NXT Superstar deserve a second chance? It’s a harsh one, but it seems that the WWE Universe are ready to turn against her already, maybe it’s time that she joined back up with Emma and they continued what they started down in NXT.


  1. DANA NOT A GOOD WRESTLER. THAT WHY SHE ALWAYS LOSE MATCHES.that why Charlotte dump dana brooke on monday night raw.and charlotte team up with nia.Charlotte and nia,won the match.so charlotte is right dumping no talent Dana Brookem