We all know an injury when we see one. People usually walk around sporting their medical hardware until a doctor clears them to take off their brace, sling, cast, or whatever they need to wear in order to heal faster.

Bayley recently separated her shoulder because Nia Jax plays too rough in the ring and the last time we saw The Hugger she was getting booed in a Toronto ring while sporting a sling on her arm. Of course, WWE edited out all those boos so you’d never know the Canadian crowd was displeased but that’s another story. But some still wonder if Bayley is really injured at all.

This meshes well with a different story and that’s D-Generation X’s 20-year-anniversary. A lot of people were game to send out tweets and other social media messages honoring the iconic stable’s platinum anniversary. Even Bayley and Sasha Banks got in on the fun.

But when The Hugger and The Boss tweeted out a picture wearing DX shirts and striking familiar poses some fans noticed something rather odd about the photo they sent out. Where was Bayley’s sling? How was she able to do the “X” sign if she has a separated shoulder? These are all questions fans have asked Bayley and so far her responses have been rather ambiguous.

With a wink and a nod, Bayley simply said “caught me” which could imply we’re being worked or could always mean they’re just using an old picture of the two life-long fangirls.

Either way, this is the kind of thing that sparks a conspiracy theory and it looks like the ball has already started to snowball in that regard. Who can we trust anymore? Let’s assume Bayley is injured and they’re using an old photo, but then why would Bayley respond in such a way?

Perhaps Bayley just got a doctor’s note saying she could “break it down” one time for a photo-op.