Bruno Sammartino was the pride of Italians all over in his day and held the top title while selling out Madison Square Garden more times than anyone else in history. There have been several people to sell out MSG from Billy Joel to Andrew Dice Clay, but nobody can touch Bruno Sammartino’s record.

Sammartino spent years away from WWE until he was finally pulled back in for a WWE Hall Of Fame induction in 2013. But since then he’s been a mainstay in the WWE Universe. Bruno Sammartino is a legend and has appeared on Legends With JBL along with Dinner For 3. He was even supposed to be at the Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh, but a bad fall kept him from coming to the show.

But luckily Bruno was able to make it to Italy three days later where his childhood home in Pizzoferrato was opened as the Bruno Sammartino Museum and a medical facility was dedicated to the legend’s mother. It was a huge honor and we’re willing to bet it was a big deal to Bruno if the 81-year-old pro wrestling legend was willing to make the trip.

While enjoying the ambiance of his hometown Bruno had an awesome statue dedicated in his honor too. It has a striking likeness to the WWE Hall Of Famer as he clutches his giant championship title and raises his other hand in victory. As you can see in the video the statue was very well received.

For generations to come residents in Pizzoferrato and anyone else in Italy will have this reminder that a legend came from their small commune. It might even serve as an inspiration to a young Italian child who might someday grow up to be just as impactful to the pro wrestling business as Bruno. Although it is doubtful they’ll be able to come close to Sammartino’s legacy, after all, there can be only one Italian Superman.