Finn Balor traveled the world before WWE only he was under a different name. But while he was in New Japan ruling the roost as a member of The Bullett Club, he forged a friendship with Nick and Matt Jackson.

When The Hardy Boyz finally came to WWE, they quickly bonded with Finn Balor backstage and now they’re tagging together at live shows in front of a legion of cheering fans.

Finn Balor recently tweeted at Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks who was holding some kind of Q&A online. Balor asked Jackson if he missed him as much as The Demon misses The Bucks.

Later on, Finn was told by Matt and Jeff Hardy to ask the Jacksons if they missed the Brothers Who Traveled Through Time And Space as well.

Of course, Nick Jackson misses them. In fact, he tweeted back saying his missed them all while sporting a Hardy t-shirt and pose.

Maybe it will only be a matter of time before WWE gives The Young Bucks an offer they can’t refuse but they’re doing pretty good on their own at this point. Their merchandise is in every Hot Topic store and honestly, I’ve done some field research and not one Hot Topic in my area (there are 4) can keep the Young Bucks or Bullett Club merchandise in stock.

One manager at a Hot Topic told me there are plans to carry other New Japan Pro Wrestling shirts too and donate a section to the world-famous wrestling company. So don’t be surprised if The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega decided they never need to roll the dice with WWE because they’re likely to be bathing in merch money for a long time. Of course, it would still be killer to see them in a big WrestleMania match of some kind.

Another thing we’d really enjoy seeing is The Young Bucks finally get to “too sweet” their friends in a WWE ring. But for now, at least we have Twitter.