D-Generation X is without a doubt one of the most iconic wrestling stables of all time. Big things came from humble beginnings in 1997, and now 20 years later wrestling fans are still throwing down DX crotch chops and telling people to “suck it” when the occasion calls for it.

During the Attitude Era D-Generation X defined cool, and the fact that the group’s legacy is as strong as it is today is simply a testament to how cool DX really was. The stars of DX may be past their prime, and their heyday is long over, but fans are still happy to pay tribute to the group 20 years after it formed.

The members of the iconic stable recently took to social media to comment on the 20th anniversary of DX, and Triple H shined the spotlight on his special bond with his friend Shawn Michaels.

Of course Shawn Michaels was happy to relive a few fond memories.

Unfortunately the wrestling world lost a former DX member last year when Chyna passed away, but she’s far from forgotten. Sean Waltman decided to pay tribute to the former WWE Intercontinental Champion by saying she was the magic ingredient in the DX recipe.

Road Dogg couldn’t help but agree.

What’s your favorite DX memory? How will you be celebrating the anniversary? Sound off in the comments below.

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