Backstage bullying in WWE has become a very hot topic over the past few weeks thanks to JBL’s antics, which have reportedly pushed Mauro Ranallo out the door. One person who isn’t a stranger to backstage bullying is former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, as he was once released from the company after he slapped another employee for making racist remarks.

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There doesn’t appear to be much love between Alberto and WWE, because Alberto has been going on anti-WWE rants via Periscope recently. He’s bashed WWE’s Be a Star program, he’s called the company racist, and he even took a few shots at the one and only Triple H.

Although Alberto Del Rio has been saying unpleasant things about WWE as of late, he recently told Sports Illustrated that he has nothing but respect for JBL.

“I know I had a lot of beef with some of the people in that company, and I can say that I hate some of the people in that place, but JBL was not one of them,” said El Patron. “He was always fantastic to me and he always treated my family with respect, so I have nothing but respect for JBL. But with all honesty, and I swear on my kids’ life, I don’t watch the product at all, I don’t follow, so I don’t know what the situation is with JBL.”

Not everyone is going to get along in professional wrestling, but it sounds like JBL and Alberto Del Rio found some common ground.

As for the Mauro Ranallo/bullying situation, it continues to get mainstream coverage as WWE continues to ignore the situation entirely.