The landscape of WWE changed last week thanks to the Superstar Shake-up. Charlotte Flair has been running the women’s division on Monday night Raw for quite some time now, but it looks like The Queen’s reign has come to an end, because she’s now a member of the SmackDown Live roster.

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The SmackDown Live roster recently lost Alexa Bliss and Mickie James to Monday night Raw, and Nikki Bella is also off TV as she’s decided to step away from wrestling for a while so she can heal. However, Nikki has made it clear that she intends to return when the time is right, and it looks like she has an opponent in mind.

Nikki Bella recently told Charlotte Flair that she’s coming for her, but Charlotte doesn’t seem to be intimidated in the least. Charlotte responded to Nikki’s challenge by telling her to name the time and the place.

Sean Waltman has been through some ups and downs throughout his career, but he appears to be in a pretty good place at the moment. He’s been busy hosting his show X-Pac 12360, but he recently took the time to appear on The Tomorrow Show with Kevin Undergaro.

During the appearance Waltman noted that at one point in his career he was signing autographs while he was homeless.

“I was broke, I was homeless…try being homeless when you’re f***ing world famous and you’re f***ing sleeping in your car and somebody knocks on your window and asks you for your autograph…try that.”

You can check out the full episode of The Tomorrow Show with Kevin Undergaro featuring Sean Waltman below.