Disclaimer: This article is not meant to¬†encourage violence in any way whatsoever, please don’t try these at home!

We as wrestling fans and obviously wrestlers themselves have to take a lot of sh*t all because of one little 4 letter word that starts with a f and that word is…fake. We’ve all heard it a million times “You know wrestling’s fake right?” (it’s still real to us DAMMIT!) and we will hear it a million more times before it’s all said and done…we get it. Of course as fans we always like to argue that there’s a big difference between “fake” and “scripted.”

A common misconception is that just because a wrestling match is predetermined the participants aren’t feeling any pain. Any wrestler will tell you that’s absolutely not true. Although they are trained professionals that work hard to make sure they don’t hurt one another but these things still happen. Most moves in the wrestling world probably won’t translate all too well in real life. Obviously in a real fight you aren’t going to try to bust out the People’s Elbow, the Cobra, or the Canadian Destroyer but hey who knows stranger things have happened right?

Anyway let’s take a look at a few wrestling moves, some of which have been known to be used in both amateur wrestling and MMA that if used in the right situation could help you in a real life fight.


5. Backdrop Suplex backdrop This move is pretty simple but it’s damn effective. With your head under your opponent’s arm you wrap your hands around their waist and then proceed to use your momentum to pick them up and drop them on their back. Due to the way this move is set up it’s pretty much the perfect counter to a side headlock. If at some point during a fight your opponent puts you in a side headlock you could save your own ass by dropping them backwards. Depending on how they land this could inflict some serious pain on your opponent but in the very least it will buy you some time to plan your next move! PS If there just happen to be happen to be ropes somewhere this move is often much more effective when done from the top one…kidding!


4. Spinebuster spinebuster Have you ever been picked up and had your back slammed very swiftly on solid ground? If you answered yes then you know it hurts like a bitch. If you answered no then you’re lucky. This is another move that would be best suited for anyone who knows their strength. If striking is more your strong point this probably isn’t for you but if you know you can lift the weight of your opponent you may be good to go. Since most of your fight will be spent face to face with your opponent you can pretty much pull this move off at any point if you time it right.. If an opening does present itself, lifting your opponent up and slamming them flat on their back as hard as you possibly can could definitely prevent them from getting back up!


3. German Suplex german First and foremost you’ve got to either be very strong to pull this off or have massive amounts of adrenaline flowing through your veins. It’s not easy picking up the entire weight of another human body and throwing them over your own head backwards but if you’ve got the strength this could easily shift the momentum in a fight. Picking someone up and hurling them backwards over your own body has some major potential for damage. Not only is your opponent potentially being dropped on his head but his back also takes major damage as well. The possible effects of this are a concussion, a broken back or at the very least the wind will be knocked out of them. As previously stated you need to be sure that you can lift your opponent to do this but if you can connect this could be devastating to your attacker.


2. Superkick superkick Ok, let’s be honest here in real life the superkick is just called a kick to the face, nothing fancy about it. Regardless of what you want to call it this move isn’t always the easiest to pull off, hence why in wrestling it usually comes “out of nowhere!” Get your facts straight, if you’re going to be kicking someone in the face in a real fight, you probably don’t want to give them advanced warning by tuning up the band. This move will definitely come in handy when the right opportunity presents itself. Keep your eyes open for the right spot because one swift kick to the face of your opponent and you could be claiming a victory shortly after that. The one thing that must be said about applying this move to a real fight is if you’re not flexible and you don’t think you can reach…don’t even try it.


1. DDT ddt I can speak from personal experience that this move is indeed a gamechanger in a fight. Way back in the day while messing around with a friend I actually did DDT him and let’s just say we weren’t really friends after that. Something about slamming someone’s head into the ground while using the entire weight of your body seems to inflict pain on people (who knew). Although at first glance this may seem unrealistic due to the fact that you haven’t negotiated this move ahead of time during a planned rest hold with your opponent, this is actually very possible to pull off. In real life fights you see it all the time, people tend to put their head down and charge at you. If you find yourself in a combat situation where your opponent has his head propped down at chest level…it might be time to start listening to that voice in your head chanting “DDT! DDT! DDT!” The standard DDT could work for you but in a combat situation we would highly recommend the double-arm DDT. If you’ve got an opponent that has his head down flailing his arms at your body hoping to cause you pain, quickly reach your arms underneath their armpits and you can lock your arms together across their back. Swing your momentum and send their head into the ground with as much force as possible because if you botch this move you will only put yourself in a worse position. If you can connect correctly it could very well be lights out for whoever is attacking you.