dean ambrose

One of the most entertaining things about professional wrestling is that there are good guys, bad guys, and stars that fall somewhere in the middle. The natural instinct is to cheer for the good guys, boo the bad ones, and wait to see what the babyfaces will do next.

Typically, when a face star turns heel, they’re met with boos and angry accusations by the crowd. Sometimes though, as in the case of Neville, the crowd reacts positively to a heel turn. Why is that?

The simple answer is this: because the audience can sense when a superstar needs a push, and like it or not, heels get a harder one.

With all of that said, here are five superstars that this author thinks need to turn heel before WrestleMania 33.


#5 – Dean Ambrose

dean ambrose

SmackDown’s Intercontinental Champion is a loose cannon, to say the least. Since the Shield broke up, his schtick has always been to do what he wants when he wants. However, Ambrose would definitely benefit from turning heel. His feuds have been lacking in the last few weeks, and it’s because there’s no fuel to fire them. If Ambrose were a heel and could say what he’s really thinking, it would make him that much more engaging.


#4 – Sami Zayn

sami zayn

The Underdog from the Underground has been lost since his feud with Braun Strowman fizzled out and Strowman moved onto Reigns. Now, Zayn has received a small push under the guise of a United States Championship match on RAW this past week – however, we knew that he wasn’t going to win it. Jericho needs to be champ for a while longer yet. So where does that leave Zayn? In need of a heel turn, that’s where. Zayn needs to stop caring about what the crowd/other Superstars think of him and just “beat people up” as JBL puts it. (Of course, John is referring to Gallows and Anderson when he says that, but still.)


#3 – Sasha Banks

sasha banks

Personally, I like Sasha as a face. I think she provides a lot of positive inspiration for girls everywhere – however, that’s where the problem lies. Since Roadblock: End of the Line, the BOSS has been either out on injury or losing matches to Nia Jax. Clearly, WWE intends to cement Nia as a powerhouse and championship material. However, it shouldn’t be done at Sasha’s expense. If Sasha were to return to her Team B.A.D roots, (if you remember, she was in a three-woman tag team with Naomi and Tamina last year) she would be able to completely decimate her competition and not have to worry about being a good role model.


#2 – Becky Lynch

becky lynch

Another character that strikes me as an eternal face is Becky Lynch. It would be really interesting to see her come out of nowhere and attack someone like Naomi or Nikki Bella – she and Natalya were once friends after all – and I think it would add never before seen levels to her persona. Her rage has been boiling over since losing her title, and I honestly believe a heel turn is long overdue for the Irish Lass Kicker.


#1 – Roman Reigns

roman reigns

Love him or hate him, Roman Reigns has been Vince’s favorite for years now. Nothing against Reigns, I think he’s good on the mic and all, but his moves have gotten predictable. For example, I can always tell when he’s going for a drive-by on the ring apron. Along with that, the theatrics behind the Superman Punch and the Spear have made him go stale. I know I’m not the only one who thinks Reigns needs a heel turn. He needs to be unpredictable and just beat the crap out of everyone he comes up against. He’s a powerhouse and he could totally pull it off, if only he was given the opportunity.