Darren Young was involved in a terrible accident during a Main Event taping on January 16th in a match against Epico where he injured his arm. The match had to be called off early at around two minutes after the X was thrown up by the referee to signify that a shoot injury had taken place.

Photos emerged after the fact showing Young wearing a medical device and some were hopeful that this injury wouldn’t require surgery, however those hopes have now been dashed.

Young put out an Instagram post today that he will be going under the knife tomorrow with the same surgeon that repaired his knee three years ago. In his post he mentions that he’s going to be sporting some “serious hardware” like Lex Luger tomorrow. One can only speculate it might mean he will have an “illegal steel plate” inserted into his arm that will have to be covered up with an arm sleeve.

Then again, the “Make Darren Young Great Again” angle didn’t turn out too great for him. So if he makes his return with a legit gimmick attached that he has a metal plate in his arm, that might be the rejuvenation he needs to get a real fresh start.

There is no time frame to speculate his return, but there is no doubt that Mr. No Days Off will be rehabbing his injury in furious fashion to make a debut sooner than later.

We here at Still Real To Us would like to wish Darren Young the speediest of recoveries as he gets his feet back on the ground to eventually make it back to a WWE ring very soon.


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