broken matt hardy

Broken Matt Hardy is arguably much more of a charismatic enigma than even his brother at this point. He talks as if he is proclaiming prophecy with each word, as he speaks in an accent that is a concoction from several dialects, time periods, and regions. Hardy recently took to Twitter to voice his concern for the United States in his own unique way by responding to a fan question asking whether or not the 7 deities could save us. Hardy decided to share his Broken Brilliance in the political realm in his own unique way as he commented on the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Broken Matt Hardy also added that regardless of how you feel about the current President of the United States, it’s time for all Americans to come together.

Even when WWE superstars find themselves in a state of injury, their outside obligations as representatives for the company don’t slow down. It turns out that Darren Young and Zack Ryder are still very much active, even though they are technically on the inactive roster. After all, people call Young “Mr. No Days Off” for a reason.

Young recently put up this Instagram post showing himself and Zack Ryder as they took part in a WrestleMania reading challenge event. Note the new cumbersome arm accessory that Young is sporting in this photo while trying to figure out just which filters Darren used on this photo.