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The New Day debuted on WWE programming a few years ago, but the team got off to a rocky start. When they debuted they were being pushed as a babyface team, but fans just weren’t feeling their gimmick. It wasn’t long before the fans across the world started chanting “New Day sucks” but instead of getting frustrated by the negative response they were receiving, The New Day embraced the hate and ran with it.

After The New Day made the switch from face to heel, that’s when business really picked up, and they went on to become the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time. But now that their reign is over fans have been wondering if the team will be splitting up. According to Xavier Woods, The New Day won’t be going their separate ways anytime soon, as he told Sporting News that the trio will last forever.

“People are always thinking what’s going to happen next, when can we get rid of this good thing that we have. And that’s why a lot of times we can’t have nice things because we always want to know when they’re going to get ruined rather than enjoying them in the moment. So what we’re doing, we’re going to enjoy New Day for as long as it lasts and as long as it lasts is going to be forever.”

Speaking of former WWE Tag Team Champions, last Monday night was a bad night for Darren Young as he suffered an injury during the Main Event tapings before Raw. His match with Epico had to be stopped after Epico took his legs out and Young fell to the apron. Young’s landing was rough and he later took to Twitter to let fans know that he hyperextended his arm “which resulted in a traumatic dislocation & fracture of the coronoid process of the right elbow.”

Darren Young shared a video of the nasty fall on Twitter, and you can check it out below.