We have kept you, our amazing (and intelligent) readers up to date on the latest happenings in the life of Alberto El Patron and Paige. The two were spotted recently and interviewed briefly by TMZ Sports about Alberto’s MMA venture where he is the current president of Combate Americas.

The two were asked by their reporter if either of them were interested in shoot fighting. Alberto replied that he was too old for the cage, but Paige said that she might have a go at it after her WWE run concludes. Alberto also made a pretty creative and equally lude sex joke in the process, so that was fun.

Paige says that she’s gotten into MMA by being around the promotion, and says that she wants to start training every day. Alberto follows up by saying that she is going to be the first British fighter in Combate Americas. The interview was very light hearted and you could tell they were just having fun while being accosted by a guy with a camera as soon as they stepped outside.

If you want to check out the video, it’s provided below because we love you more than Brother Love loved to say “I love you” (sorry, there’s a lot of love going around at Still Real To Us so close to Valentine’s Day).

Sam Roberts is a wonderful radio personality. His unique voice and bright opinion have brought him a strong fandom and as co-host with comedian Jim Norton on the Jim and Sam Radio Show, he continues to find his niche in current pop culture.

He also has a wrestling podcast which is one of the best wrestling podcasts out there (our’s is pretty damn good too).

Sam Robert is a huge wrestling fan, and if you’ve never seen the video of him and Jim ripping into Nancy Grace about what she said after the Ultimate Warrior died, we highly recommend it.

Sam graced the Roadblock: End of the Line kick-off show with his presence last year, and at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view kick-off show, he will do it again. Roberts is scheduled to join Booker T and Renee Young on the panel before the show begins this Sunday.