zack ryder

Zack Ryder keeps making good use of his spare time away from WWE. He’s taken a whirlwind Disney vacation, gotten his groove on at a Backstreet Boys concert, spent the night on the town with other superstars, and he’s done other auxiliary WWE events on the side. Not to mention the time Miz brought him leftover sushi, that happened too. We can’t wait to see him return from injury, but in the meantime, we’re still seeing plenty of Long Island Iced Z.

Now the Zack Attack is bringing back an old favorite, and one of the best, cance’led shows since “Taxi.” That’s right, “Z! True Long Island Story” is coming back my friends. Zack will be back along with his still stellar Internet Championship and take us into the crazy world only he can concoct from within his mind.

He’ll probably keep this up for just the time being until his in-ring return. But Xavier Woods still finds time to participate in plenty of videos away from WWE, so anything’s possible in regards to juggling balls full of both WWE and YouTube.

It sure looks like it’s a good time for you, if you still “Woo Woo Woo.” The Z is back and by this trailer, it looks like he’s been planning this for a while. We can’t wait for this one and will keep you guys updated as soon as the first episode drops, you know it!

You can also tell how much he’s still got Backstreet Boys stuck in his head in the message where he made the announcement. We can’t even be mad at that because the return of “Z! True Long Island Story” is awesome enough news to more than make up for it.

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