summer rae

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days (or have an insanely good censor on your internet browser), you know WWE’s favorite British crumpet, Paige had a ton of illicit, adult oriented pictures and videos leak out into cyberspace. There were rumors that other WWE female talent could be next. One of the alleged names is none other than Summer Rae.

The former Fandango dancer and Total Divas star’s name was thrown around so much in this regard she apparently found it necessary to comment on the fact in a recent Twitter post. There have been several pictures floating around already, but none of them have been her and she apparently wanted to nip this deal in the bud before it got out of hand.

She doesn’t seem too worried anything will get leaked either by the looks of her message which included three, count ’em, three laughing with tears in your eyes emojis.

One would argue that at least this would get Summer some exposure since she hasn’t been used for quite some time, but this isn’t the kind of exposure she’s looking for at all. Let’s just hope the hacking mess is over with because WWE doesn’t need this kind of stuff to worry about with WrestleMania being so close we can literally hear the pyrotechnics from the opening segment in Orlando.

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