summer rae

Paige, Brad Maddox, Xavier Woods and Kaitlyn have all been targeted as part of a recent hacking scandal, and it’s rumored that photos of other WWE stars could also end up leaking online.

One of the stars who has been rumored to be part of the leaks is none other than Summer Rae. Summer hasn’t been seen on WWE programming in quite some time, but her name has been brought up consistently in regards to the leak.

The WWE star has undoubtedly been hearing all about the rumors on social media, and she recently tried to shoot them down via Twitter. Summer Rae has commented on the rumors once again by saying that any pictures fans may have seen could have been created by someone with a big imagination.

Summer Rae posted the following:

Another star whose name keeps churning through the rumor mill as of late is Shinsuke Nakamura. The former two time NXT Champion was noticeably absent from advertising materials for the upcoming NXT show at the Download Festival, and his absence got many people talking about a possible main roster call up for Shinsuke.

WWE recently announced that Shinsuke Nakamura has been added to the NXT UK tour in June. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be getting called up in the near future, as certain stars have worked both NXT and WWE events in the past. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be getting called up either, as this is wrestling after all, and nothing ever happens until it happens.

One thing’s for sure, Shinsuke Nakamura seems anxious to get to the main roster as soon as possible. So, if the fans and Shinsuke get their way, we’ll hopefully be seeing him on Raw or SmackDown Live in the near future.