reby hardy

We can’t get enough of Reby Hardy. This woman has a set of lady balls bigger than most people we’ve run across at this point. She hasn’t been shy in the slightest about going after Impact Wrestling time and time again and has even released a little merchandise on the side concerning the matter. By the way, those t-shirts have sold like freaking hotcakes too, which isn’t a good sign that Impact Wrestling is winning over anyone with this “new era” they’re going through.

Well, Reby Hardy is back at it and she’s throwing around some big truths about the situation. Or at least she’s getting out her side of the story. She’s putting forth some pretty strong accusations in regards to violating child labor laws, to outright copyright theft as well.

Although some of the things she says are head-scratchers, there are a few things she says here which are actually very good points. If she did in fact create the gimmick herself, it might be a moot point though if the wording in the Impact contracts say anything they come up with while with the company is owned by Impact Wrestling.

We’re also trying to figure out which Impact stars left the company and kept using the same characters unless they came into the company already using them. But we’re sure there are a few if she says there are. Needless to say, this is certainly another fantastic chapter in the on-going Broken Hardy drama.



  1. […] Reby Hardy accused Impact of using her father, Senior Benjamin without having him sign a deal as wel…. This is a stiff claim as it is very commonplace for any televised event to have anyone who could possibly appear on the broadcast to sign waivers. If Impact Wrestling didn’t complete their due diligence in that regard, it would be a bad time for them if the courts get involved. […]