reby hardy

When the Hardy Boyz dropped the Raw Tag Team Titles to Sheamus and Cesaro at Extreme Rules it was a shocking moment for some. But if you listened to the rumblings of the rumor mill then you weren’t that shocked. After all, word is WWE officials are looking to split up the Hardy Boyz sooner than later to give them singles runs.

Jeff Hardy made a ton of money for WWE during his last run as a singles star and Matt can obviously stand on his own too. So the Hardy Boyz’ split might very well be in the cards.

It might be sad news to think about the Hardy Boyz going their separate ways because they have a ton of fans. One of their biggest fans is Matt’s wife Reby. She is currently pregnant with their second child and can’t wait to meet her new baby.

Queen Rebecca recently sent out a tweet questioning whether her water will be Broken before her husband. This might seem like a pregnant woman just getting impatient about giving birth to her new child, but with Matt’s recent title loss at Extreme Rules it certainly adds some questions to the scenario.

We wonder what Reby might know about WWE’s plans for her husband that we aren’t privy to just yet. She’s been known to speak her mind in the past and give fans clues about what we can expect. Only time will tell if Matt is Broken before her water is though.

Of course, if Matt is going to be Broken on WWE television then they need to secure the rights to the gimmick from Impact and Anthem first. On a separate note, apparently the Hardys are also waiting for a new refrigerator.

Matt Hardy replied in wonderful fashion to his wife’s tweet. He spoke about celestial voices and said things evolve in a destined manner. This is all rhetoric fans have come to expect from the Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy in the past.

In the end he didn’t give any clues on whether or not he will be broken by the time their child comes into the world. But he did say their next child will be born at the correct moment in space and time which we are taking as a good sign.

Reby replied to her husband by simply posting a picture of a very pregnant cat. Much like Reby, the cat didn’t look too happy to be pregnant at all.