Matt Hardy is a very happy man right now. He is back home in WWE and just had a very successful run with the Raw Tag Team Championships. Matt’s had a great time since WrestleMania but he had another reason to be excited too. His wife Queen Rebecca Hardy was pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Reby hinted a while ago that she didn’t know what would break first, her water or her husband. As it turns out WWE fans didn’t see Broken Matt Hardy before his son was born because Wolfgang X Hardy was born on June 8th, 2017.

Matt and Reby Hardy’s first son King Maxel was excited to see his little brother. The two appear to be getting along well but that could always change because they hardly know each other yet. Will we be seeing The New Hardy Boyz in the form of Maxel and Wolfgang in eighteen years? If you ask Vince McMahon he would think about it for a minute, look up and exclaim: “I love it pal! How soon till we can get them under contract?!”

Having kids might not be for everybody but it’s working out just fine for Matt Hardy. He recently tweeted a short video of Maxel and Wolfgang getting to know each other. Matt says the sibling rivalry is already brewing and he should know because Papa Hardy has battled with his Brother Nero many time before.

Many people sent congratulations to Matt and Reby for the birth of their new child. Road Dogg was one of the crowd of individuals who wanted to wish them the best of luck with their new bundle of joy.

WWE is reportedly giving Matt Hardy a lighter schedule to spend some time with his new son. But Hardy told Road Dogg when he has to hit the road it looks like the House Of Hardy is going to be down a nanny.

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