If you are a fan of Alexa Bliss then Extreme Rules was a good night. Bliss dominated Bayley in their kendo stick on a pole match and retained her Raw Women’s Championship in very strong fashion.

The kendo stick didn’t stay on the pole for long, but once it came into play Bliss started punishing Bayley in a big way. The Hugger had a chance to take Alexa Bliss out, but she just couldn’t pull the trigger and whack her with the kendo stick in return. WWE was really playing up Bayley’s soft side which isn’t a very good characteristic to have when you’re facing someone like Alexa Bliss.

When all was said and done Alexa Bliss stood tall and Bayley was defeated. Nobody can deny Bayley was practically dominated in the match. She didn’t hit Bliss with one kendo stick shot, it was really quite brutal. If this is building for a bigger moment for Bayley later on, then that makes sense. But if they end Bayley’s run at Bliss’ title like this it doesn’t look good for The Hugger Of Huggers.

Alexa Bliss took to Twitter after her successful title defense to rub some salt in Bayley’s wounds. She said big girls don’t cry, but losers do. Apparently only being five-feet-tall doesn’t disqualify Bliss from being categorized as a big girl. Little Miss Bliss is still the goddess on Raw and holding the red team’s Women’s Title proudly.

If you had doubts that Alexa Bliss had what it takes to be a champion, then Extreme Rules was certainly a wake up call.

We previously reported Vader had announced his retirement from in-ring action. We came to this conclusion by interpreting a tweet the pro wrestling legend recently sent out.

But Vader has spoken out about these rumors and said he isn’t done yet. Vader has been dealing with some health issues and some thought he was calling it a career. But apparently he’s still got a few Vader Bombs left in him.