Alexa Bliss put her Raw Women’s Championship on the line in a Kendo Stick-on-a-Pole-match at Extreme Rules last night and even though the WWE Universe predicted that Bayley would finally be able to get “extreme” but it seems that The Huggable star just didn’t have it in her.

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Bayley was the one who knocked the Kendo Stick down and had many chances to use it to her advantage, but Alexa didn’t stutter for one second when she had the chance and reigned down shots on the former Women’s Champion en route to retaining her Women’s Championship.

After the first Kendo Stick attack a few weeks ago, there were pictures shared online to show the full extent of the damage that these sticks can actually create. Roman Reigns famous picture from Payback a few years ago proved that these sticks really can cause damage and WWE shared an image of Bayley’s back to prove that she will be wearing the scar for a while.

This one image isn’t as bad as Roman Reigns, but it proves just how hard those shots were from Alexa Bliss and that it probably isn’t over between these two women because it’s pretty obvious that Bayley will be wanting some form of revenge after this.