WWE’s video game franchise has been in great hands ever since 2k took control. Every year it’s been a big deal who got to grace the cover of 2K’s newest WWE game.

When Brock Lesnar was on the cover of last year’s game and Goldberg was the featured downloadable character it resulted in a program that lasted from Survivor Series to WrestleMania. Therefore, whoever is featured on the cover of the game can mean a lot of things.

WWE shows a lot of faith in a superstar when they put them on the cover of their video game, that’s for sure. With next year’s instalment of WWE 2K18 looming closer people are starting to wonder who will get the cover on next year’s game.

Sportskeeda reports Reddit user Mad Dog Managoff stated Seth Rollins is most likely going to be getting the cover art for WWE’s 2k18 video game. Mad Dog Managoff has reportedly predicted several things in the past that turned out to happen so this seems to be a pretty solid scoop.

Of course things can always change and no official announcement has been made yet. But if The Kingslayer Seth Rollins does receive the honor of getting the cover for WWE 2k18 it could mean big things are in line for The Architect.

Now let’s jump from a topic of happiness to one that could be translated as sad. One of our favorite big men to ever step in the ring is retiring and it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

Pro wrestlers break their bodies to delight fans around the world on a daily basis. The grind is hard and anyone who choses pro wrestling as their occupation should be respected. One man who deserves a ton of respect, let alone an induction in the WWE Hall Of Fame is Vader.

Big Van Vader recently announced via Twitter that he is giving up his career in the ring. Vader was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a few months back and his health has been declining.

Still Real To Us would like to thank Vader for everything he’s done to entertain us for all these years.