Ribbing is a tradition in pro wrestling. In case you’re not in tune with the jargon, ribbing means to prank someone. Ribs are mostly light hearted like putting vodka in someone’s water bottle. Of course there can be awful ribs that cause harm to someone like putting sugar in their gas tank or breaking off toothpicks in their car’s ignition switch.

Some people call this bullying and that’s why WWE’s recent bullying issue was so complicated. In essence there is an element of bullying inherent in the pro wrestling business. They just call them ribs.

Nobody is immune to ribbing and that includes Matt Hardy. There is an element of ribbing where you never know when it’s coming, even if it’s from your own son. Matt Hardy recently experienced some light ribbing from his son King Maxel and it was a good one.

When Matt opened his suitcase after he got to his hotel before Extreme Rules he found his son had packed a cute little kitten stuffed animal complete with a pretty pink bow. It was a very small rib, but you can tell the boy’s got potential.

We can only imagine how the impact (no pun intended) would have been amplified for Hardy if he had opened his suitcase in front of Sheamus or Cesaro while they were discussing the upcoming cage match at Extreme Rules.

The Hardy Boyz have a pretty big match against Shesaro and could very well drop those Raw Tag Team Titles in that cage. This was a nice way to lighten the mood before his dad’s big match, that’s for sure. We give a point to young King Maxel for this one.

Reby Hardy was very proud of her son for this rib. She tweeted a reply to her husband and used several ‘laughing while crying’ emojis.

Young King Maxel is a chip off the old block and Queen Rebecca was happy to announce that her son’s got jokes. This was an excellent thing to share and we’re very glad they did. It looks like it’s a ton of fun being a Hardy.