In honor of International Women’s Day, The Nature Girl posted an amazing picture to celebrate the women on WWE’s roster, well at least 14 of them. These girls got together for a group picture at last year’s WrestleMania to celebrate Brie Bella’s retirement from the WWE, and this is a really special picture, so we’re glad she shared it.

If you’re looking for another awesome picture, Natalya also posted this picture of herself and some fellow female warriors. Literally, the Warriors.

Dana Warrior recently signed a 3-year contract with WWE as a brand ambassador, so it’s likely we’ll be seeing her around sooner or later. As for the Warrior girls, we bet Vince and Triple H are chomping at the bit to see what they might be able to bring to the ring if the decide to follow in their father’s Ultimate footsteps.

Zack Ryder entertains us because he’s awesome. We recently reported he got a visit from The Miz, and it looks like Mike Mizanin decided to drop by again but this time he brought food. Well, he brought leftovers, but at least it looks like quality sushi.

Mike knows not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and he called Zack out for this social media shade. It’s still funny, though.

After he ate Miz’s leftover sushi (we’re sure it was delicious), Long Island Iced Z decided to treat himself to a tan to feel a little bit better about himself. Although it didn’t work out too well for him. It’s not a good time to woo woo woo, you know it.