Let’s face it. A WWE/TNA crossover event is never going to happen but that won’t stop us from dreaming. It obviously wouldn’t benefit WWE in any way to give this type of promotion to a smaller company like TNA but the potential for an amazing card is definitely there. WWE has a great roster and regardless of how TNA books their shows, they have a great roster as well. These are the matches we would want to see if these two companies ever decided to do a crossover event.


#10 – AJ Lee Vs Gail Kim



Gail Kim has a reputation for being the best female wrestler on the planet and we’re not going to argue with that and AJ Lee is arguably the most recognizable female wrestler on the planet at the moment. Put these two together and some serious magic could happen. Both of these women know how to work a match and also know how to sell the psychology of that match perfectly. From a technical standpoint this match would be a sight to see and from a storytelling standpoint it would be an absolute treat.



#9 – The Usos Vs The Wolves


This match could have very well happened but things just didn’t work out between The Wolves and WWE. The Usos are currently running the tag team division in WWE and The Wolves are doing the same in TNA. These two teams are working their asses off to bring legitimacy back to tag team wrestling and there’s no doubt that when and or if this match ever does happen it would be a potential showstealer.



#8 – Sheamus Vs Gunner


Sheamus is a pretty intense guy that hits hard, Gunner is a pretty intense guy that hits hard, we would definitely enjoy seeing them hit each other. Both of these guys work a solid smash mouth style and seeing them go toe to toe with each other could make for one hell of a match. Make it a no disqualification match and you’ve got something that people would be talking about for years to come.



#7 – Bad News Barrett Vs Magnus



The wrestling world needs to know who the undisputed English king of wrestling is and this would be the only way to settle it. Magnus is great at what he does, so is Barrett. These two are both proud of their heritage and it would be great to see them battle over English supremacy and one has to imagine that the promos leading up to it would be great as well.



#6 – John Cena Vs Bully Ray



John Cena has made a career for himself out of vanquishing bad guys and Bully Ray is one of the best bad guys to ever step foot into the squared circle. This match would be great from an entertainment standpoint. Cena is the ultimate face and Bully is the ultimate heel, put them together and you’ve got a winning combination. The match itself would be entertaining, over the top, and just downright fun but the promos leading up to it would be absolute gold.



#5 – Triple H Vs Bobby Roode


Many people have compared Bobby Roode to Triple H over the years. Not only do they look similar but their characters are quite similar as well. Both are very psychological wrestlers and they work similar in ring styles as well. Watching Triple H go toe to toe with Bobby Roode would be the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Triple H go toe to toe with himself.



#4 – Kane Vs Abyss


Let’s face it, the similarities between Kane and Abyss are just too bold to ignore. For years wrestling fans have been screaming about gimmick infringement when it comes to the gimmick of Abyss. Wrestling companies have been copying each other forever but it’s impossible not to see Kane when you look at Abyss. Watching these two tear each other apart is something everyone wants to see.



#3 – Cesaro Vs Samoa Joe



We figured that these guys most likely locked up somewhere during their independent days but after further investigation we couldn’t find anything confirming it for a fact. Regardless of whether or not they’ve battled before, we want to see these two on a big stage in front of a massive audience. Both of these guys are versatile and insanely strong. Both of these guys go the extra mile every single time they step in the ring and there’s no doubt that if they had the chance to push each other to the limit in a big time match, regardless of who won, every fan would walk out a winner.



#2 – Dolph Ziggler Vs Austin Aries



Dolph Ziggler and Austin Aries are two of the best overachievers in the wrestling industry and both of them are massively underappreciated. They’re both arrogant, awesome in the ring and both of them capture your attention regardless of whether you like them or not. It’s obvious when watching both of these guys that they were born to entertain. It’s in their blood. Nobody sells moves like Dolph Ziggler but Aries comes pretty close. These two always make it a point to steal the show with their matches. If we got to see them lock up on a big stage this match wouldn’t be a potential showstealer, it would be THE showstealer.



#1 – Daniel Bryan Vs Kurt Angle



Is there any wrestling fan on the planet that doesn’t want to see this match? Daniel Bryan is widely regarded as the best wrestler on Earth at the moment which is a title that Kurt Angle once held. Some people think Angle has lost a step in the ring but anyone that is gutsy enough to say that obviously hasn’t been watching his career these past few years. Bryan is a mastermind in the ring and so is Angle. Put these two together and you wouldn’t have candidate for match of the year, you’d have a candidate for greatest match of all time.