205 live

Last summer WWE resurrected the cruiserweight division with the Cruiserweight Classic tournament. At the end of the tournament a new WWE Cruiserweight Champion was crowned, and the stars of the division later joined the Raw roster a few weeks later.

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One thing eventually led to another, and the cruiserweights were given their very own show in the form of 205 Live. The cruiserweights haven’t exactly gotten off to the best start so far as the fans are sometimes less than flattering with the things they chant when the cruiserweight division is in the spotlight.

205 Live has a bit of an awkward set up as the show airs live on the WWE Network after SmackDown Live goes off the air, and unfortunately a noticeable portion of the fans in attendance sometimes decide to leave the arena after SmackDown.

Although the division has struggled to connect with the fans, it’s worth noting that 205 Live is still a relatively new show, and every new show has to go through growing pains.

205 Live star Ariya Daivari decided to address some of the criticism by referencing “a certain wrestling critic” on Twitter. Daivari mentioned stars such as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and used them as examples of how people can develop over time, and he reminded fans that developing a brand takes time as well. Daivari posted the following: