There are quite a few wrestlers getting into politics nowadays. Last year Rhyno ran for office, Booker T announced that he plans to run for mayor of Houston, TX, and Kane recently announced that he’s running for mayor of Knoxville County, TN.

Another wrestling star who’s been teasing a possible move to politics is The Rock and The People’s Champion says there’s a real possibility he could run for President of the United States in 2020. Kane recently spoke to Bleacher Report about his quest to become mayor of Knoxville County, and he says it’s not likely that he’ll run with The Rock, if Rock runs at all.

“Would I run with The Rock? Probably not. I just want to do a good job as mayor,” he says later. “The local and the state levels are discounted too much. And I’m not devaluing the role of the federal government, but the country is right now in a top-down direction, and I want to be part of the wave that brings it back to a bottom-up nation, starting with the states.”

Kane has always been into politics, and he’s never been shy when talking about his interests. However, the former World Heavyweight Champion says that there’s no place for politics in the WWE locker room.

“Wrestling is a lot like any other workplace,” he says. “You don’t really talk religion or politics. But we are all independent contractors, so we pay our taxes quarterly. And we talk about taxes.”

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