corey graves

So far 2017 has been a scandalous year for the stars of the WWE. A few stars had private photos and videos stolen from their phones and leaked online, and one WWE broadcaster was outed on social media when he got caught trying to cheat.

A few months ago Tom Phillips was busted for trying to pick up a little action on the side. Phillips sent a DM to a girl on Instagram saying, “I’m in my seat with a massive erection. And a 4 hours flight ahead. I’m going to face f*** the s*** out of you.”

After the woman found out Tom Phillips was engaged, she decided to go public with the messages, and screenshots of the conversation spread across the internet like wildfire.

Although there was plenty of talk about the scandal on social media, WWE never acknowledged it, however, Corey Graves used the scandal to take a few jabs at Tom Phillips during 205 Live last night.

During the episode, Noam Dar faced off against Rich Swann, and Phillips made a negative comment about Dar, which prompted Graves to say the following:

“It’s not like Dar was sending DMs on Instagram to people that he shouldn’t have been. There’s nothing, you know, embarrassing about what he’s done. He simply stole the heart of a beautiful woman, from Cedric Alexander, who was neglectful. He didn’t show Alicia Fox the attention she truly deserved.”

Phillips then responded with, “Yeah, Cedric Alexander was a terrible boyfriend, didn’t care about Alicia Fox at all.”

Graves didn’t let up as he referenced the scandal one more time by saying, “It’s a lot longer flight than four hours for Dar.”

You can check out a video clip of the exchange below.