aj lee

AJ Lee has been focused on promoting her book “Crazy Is My Superpower” as of late, and the book is getting rave reviews. AJ’s wrestling career is over for now, but during her run with WWE she became one of the top stars in the women’s division and her time inside the squared circle is something that fans remember fondly.

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AJ Lee’s wrestling career was full of memorable moments, some of which happened by accident. One of the funniest moments that happened by accident occurred when she was accompanying Big E to the ring, and as Big E was stretching during his entrance, he punched AJ directly in the chest.

A fan posted a gif of the infamous punch on Twitter and it went viral, so Big E decided to comment by reminding fans that it happened over 4 years ago.


AJ decided to chime in by saying her shattered sternum feels like it was just yesterday.

Big E responded accordingly with a gif of AJ screaming.

AJ and Big E certainly make quite the pair, and it would be fun to see them together once again in WWE. It seems highly unlikely that we’ll see the former WWE Divas Champion back inside the ring in the near future, but when she was asked about a possible return in a recent interview, she didn’t rule it out.

“I never would say that because I’ve personally said never to things before and done them. But I am so happy where I am right now and I feel like I had such a pitch perfect career that I would be nervous about tarnishing that. I feel like it’s kind of full-circle and perfect for exactly what I wanted. But who knows?”