WWE’s premature announcement of their intentions regarding the new Brand Extension has to be the biggest wrestling news of the year, but it could also be good news for many former WWE faces.

It’s no secret that in order for the brand split to work effectively WWE will need to add many more faces to their current roster to make it possible for them to split the stars into both Raw and Smackdown brands whilst leaving enough talent on either show that there is a pull for fans to tune in.

Whilst it has already been rumored that WWE look set to raid NXT of many of its talent with 13 superstars reportedly being called up to the main roster in the coming weeks, there could also be many other talents walking back through the doors they once called home.

Kurt Angle has been very vocal recently about the fact that he would be a fantastic addition to either roster when the brand split takes effect, but now it seems that a popular tag team could also be heading back to WWE.

Cryme Tyme were one of the most exciting tag teams of their day and were recently voted one of the greatest tag teams to have never won the Tag Team Championships by the WWE Universe.

The team was made up of Shad Gaspard and JTG and the duo were very popular with the WWE Universe thanks to their quirky attitude and charm back in 2006-2008. The duo broke up and Shad left the company not long after but shockingly JTG managed to remain with the company until his release in 2014 despite the fact that he hadn’t wrestled on TV in years.

Shad’s latest tweet has the WWE Universe buzzing after he posted “Don’t call it a #WWE come back” on his Twitter account before re-tweeting a fan picture that stated that John Cena needed help and Cryme Tyme were once there for him.

The duo have recently linked back up as Cryme Time on the independent circuit and it seems that if WWE has made the call then both men would be more than happy to once again step through the curtain for the company.

Their gimmick was one that fans could enjoy and fully get behind back in the early stages of WWE’s PG era, and shockingly WWE allowed them to often push the boundaries of what this new PG banner was with them once having a “Ho Sale” for Lita following her final WWE match in 2006.

The duo would often create havoc around WWE by stealing or taking things that belonged to other superstars before auctioning them off to the WWE crowd in attendance. It seems WWE are missing this factor in their show right now.

The brand split would be a fantastic reason to bring a team like Cryme Tyme back to the WWE and allow them to thrive on the Smackdown brand whilst The Tag Team Champions are on Raw.

It is currently unknown as to whether or not WWE is going to re-split the Tag Team Titles that they unified back in 2010 but the wise suggestion would be to allow the Tag Team Division to either thrive on each show or allow Raw to have the Tag Team Division and Smackdown to bring back The Cruiserweight Title.

As both Stephanie and Shane McMahon stated on Raw this past week, there is a lot still to be discussed and decided about the upcoming brand split and that openly included who would be managing the brand when it goes live for the first time in it’s almost 20 year history.

This could mean that even WWE themselves are undecided about what they are going to do about the current title situation because it is obvious that five titles are not enough for two shows. It is also worth considering if WWE are set to change Raw back to a two hour show as well.

As you can tell, there is a lot still to be determined, but the next six weeks look like they could be some of the most invigoratingĀ times to be a WWE fan and with many more former names set to be brought into discussion, it could be six weeks of intense anticipation.