When Nikki and Brie Bella appeared on the WWE Universe’s radar they were just two pretty twins in an open casting call. But those two have not only morphed themselves into being two of the most prominent names in women’s wrestling but they have also branched out to become main-stream stars.

It’s hard to find John Cena doing a public appearance without Nikki by his side and while Brie is currently enjoying the life as a new mother she’s still on Total Bellas and YouTube. Now WWE might be planning something special for the Bella Twins very soon and it sounds delicious.

The Observer reports WWE has filed a trademark for the name “Bella Appetit.” This new project looks to be a total departure from the ring as it appears to be a cooking show. The Bella Twins will talk about recipes, cooking, food, restaurants, bars, travel, health, fitness, and nutrition. We’re guessing if Brie Bella has anything to do with it they will also discuss a fair amount of gardening too.

This new project is a big move for Nikki and Brie because it might show WWE is making long-term plans for them. It’s obvious WWE wants to keep the Bella Twins around as long as possible, but this kind of show could turn into a day time talk show sensation these two women could host until they chose to retire. Depending on who WWE shops the concept to or how quickly it picks up who knows how popular a show like this could get?

We will just have to wait and see exactly what WWE has in mind with this one. But it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. “Bella Appetit” might become a hit with housewives everywhere depending on what WWE’s primary objective is with new concept.