daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan is fantastic. We could just leave it at that but instead, we’ll further explain our point. He is not only one of the best professional wrestlers to ever lace his boots, but he has a relatable personality which makes him not only the ideal best friend but perfect neighbor as well.

This might be the reason we love Smackdown Live so much. Nothing makes us happier than seeing Daniel Bryan paired together with Shane McMahon in such comradery. The two put off this vibe that they go out after the show to get vegan smoothies and grab groceries at Whole Foods.

On the same point, who wouldn’t want D-Bry as a neighbor? Picture a random knock on your door at 9:00 am on a Saturday from the Bearded GOAT asking if he could weed your bushes and transplant some rare carrot/watermelon hybrid in your front yard or something. Bryan Danielson is just awesome and the Earth makes him so happy.

The Bella Twins’ official YouTube channel recently dropped a video of Daniel Bryan geeking out over some seeds. Really, we’re not making this up. You know that incredible WWE Slam Crate deal we love so much? Well, Bryan acts the same way we do with Slam Crate, but it’s when he gets a box of random seeds in the mail.

Along with his pregnant wife and camerawomen/co-host Brie, Daniel goes through the latest installment of his monthly seed crate. He goes through each seed individually and is equally ecstatic about each one. It’s all parts adorable and fascinating. We’d also like to point out the fact that the shirt Bryan Danielson is wearing in the video is stellar. Enjoy, my friend and eat some vegetables today.