austin aries

He is The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, and Austin Aries continues to prove why he deserves that title every day of his life. There is also no doubt why he was put on the commentary booth either, because his words are fire.

Needless to say, this is the perfect combination for a WWE Superstar. However if you’d like to disagree, Aries will be more than happy to put you in your place.

One fan tweeted at Austin saying, “can’t take you seriously with that goofy beard. How does Micky let you go out of the house like that?”

We’re guessing the ‘Micky’ name drop in that tweet was a reference to the Disney mouse, because Aries is actually engaged to Thea Trinidad who is playing AJ Lee in the new “Fighting With My Family” movie and also went by Rosita in TNA. Therefore, Austin Aries is the closest thing to CM Punk we have left in WWE, and he proved he has some of the same cutting verbal skills by his response to that goofy insult below.

The Bella Twins’ official YouTube just uploaded a new video that is funny on so many levels. Being something ripped straight out of a Marx Brothers film, Nicole faced off with Tyler Breeze in his Nikki Bella get-up from last night’s show.

After the two played “mirror movements” a little bit, John Cena finally stepped in and stopped the madness. Cena and the “real Nicole” walked off together and left the “fake Nicole” looking rather bewildered.

This is a must-watch video and by far one of the best ones the Bella Twins’ YouTube has put out since the one they did of Daniel Bryan geeking out over seeds.