royal rumble

There have been a lot of people asking for a women’s Royal Rumble match for next year’s Royal Rumble PPV. With the recent ground that has been broken in the Women’s Division with the first-ever women’s Hell In A Cell and Money In The Bank ladder match it looks like WWE is finally letting the ladies run with the boys.

The fact that WWE has been promoting the Mae Young Classic tournament like crazy only adds to the idea that a women’s Royal Rumble match might happen this time around.

Bryan Alvarez noted on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live that while it is not confirmed it turns out fans aren’t the only people talking about the possibility of a women’s Royal Rumble match. Apparently, some people in WWE are also considering the idea.

Whether or not they’re just kicking around an idea or they’re making plans is uncertain at this time. But as it stands right now the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match very well might be a possibility.

The fact WWE will have a plethora of new women to call on to fill any holes in a match that requires a lot of people might only help matters.

Alvarez also noted that WWE’s yearly tournament is going to take a different turn next year. WWE Network apparently likes the idea of having a yearly exclusive tournament and they don’t want to stop at just two years in a row.

WWE Network is reportedly planning a tag team tournament next. So they had the Cruiserweight Classic followed by the Mae Young Classic and soon people will be battling in pairs on a WWE Network tournament.

A tag team tournament would certainly be a great way for WWE to explore what is out there in the indie wrestling scene’s tag team ranks. If only The Young Bucks could be considered.