No Mercy left more questions than it really provided answers. The B-Level PPV was in essence just a setup for much bigger events down the line. Although there was plenty of possibilities to make things happen at No Mercy it looks like WWE is going to stick with Roman Reigns as the top face of the company. Monday Night Raw promised a big MizTV to kick off the show. In the never-ending circle that is WWE, it’s on to the next big show which would be TLC. After that, it’s Survivor Series and then the Road To WrestleMania is well within sights. Wrestling is fun.

Opening Segment – MizTV

Miz hyped Raw and guaranteed his child won’t be a loser like Kurt Angle’s son. He said to Maryse to keep the champaign on ice because “daddy’s coming home soon.”

Then he introduced Roman Reigns to an incredibly mixed reaction. After watching Roman win a twenty-two-minute long match against John Cena at No Mercy there were still plenty of people willing to boo the Big Dog. But the ladies love him.

Booker T spoke about a changing of the guard while Roman walked to the ring. The Miz apologized for the crowd booing him and Reigns said: “we like it loud.”

The Miz ran down Reigns’ impressive victories over Taker and Cena. Roman was asked how it felt to hear about a passing of the torch from someone like John Cena.

Reigns called The Miz long-winded and he’ll cut to the chase. The Big Dog said he respects John Cena now. Cena held the fort down for fifteen years “so yes, I respect John Cena and that’s why I’m proud to say I beat John Cena last night.”

Roman called it the biggest win of his entire career and he didn’t understand why he was talking to an idiot like The Miz.

The Miz didn’t like being called an idiot and said the guy in the ring with a championship isn’t an idiot. He said he defended his IC Title against Jason Jordan last night and boasted about how great he is.

Roman said JJ is a thoroughbred and without Dallas and Axel, The Miz wouldn’t beat JJ one-on-one. Then Roman told Dallas to go backstage and “get me a beer boy.” The Miz said they’re classy and they don’t drink beer on MizTV.

The Miz brought up the fact that Roman rode the coattails of two Superstars when he came up. Then he asked if he knew what would happen if The Miztourage faced The Shield.

Roman started laughing and said they’d beat them with no problem. Roman said he has his own direction and he’s going after the Beast Brock Lesnar.

The Miz got loud and Roman Reigns said: “let’s run it, let’s fight.” Reigns was casual and winning the segment for me. Miz said he has a suit on and Reigns said the suit is nice but it’s about to be torn up in about five minutes. Then the Miztourage left up the ramp.

Kurt Angle came out and stopped The Miz in his tracks. Then Kurt Angle booked a match with Miz and Roman later in the night. But the Miztourage will be facing Matt Hardy and “my son” Jason Jordan.

The Miztourage vs Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan

“My money’s on The Miztourage guys,” Booker T said. Jeff Hardy accompanied his brother to the ring but he was in his street clothes. Jason Jordan looked very pumped to perform once again on Monday Night Raw.

These two teams traded some tags early on and Matt Hardy took it to Axel with multiple leg drops. He hasn’t lost much of a step. With his brother out of action, but still around who knows where Matt’s chance to shine on his own will take him?

Hardy hit a tornado DDT on Axel and Dallas ran in to stop him but took a hiptoss to drive him out of the ring too.

But once Jason Jordan got the tag the Miztourage took control thanks to a nice clothesline off the apron from Curtis Axel when JJ wasn’t looking. But Jordan was trying to save Jeff Hardy from Bo Dallas at the time.

“I still wear a scar over my eyebrow thanks to Bo Dallas’ fist,” Corey Graves said as he put over Bray Wyatt’s brother.

JJ dodges Mr. Perfect’s son and sent him to the floor so Jordan could crawl to Hardy. He got the tag to Matt who started to take it to Dallas. He did the spot off the turnbuckles and hit a running bulldog. 1-2-kickout.

Matt hit the elbow off the middle rope and a neckbreaker. 1-2-kickout.

Dallas rolled Hardy up for a two count but Matt his the Side Effect, however, Axel broke up the pin that time. JJ got in the match and put both Miztourage members in the corner to drive his shoulder through them.

JJ tossed Axel across the ring and Matt Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate on Dallas to pick up the win. Jeff Hardy joined his brother and JJ in the ring to celebrate. Yay babyfaces!

Elias vs Apollo Crews

Elias sang a little song and Apollo Crews came out to have a No Mercy kickoff show rematch.

This match went back and for a moment and then spilled out onto the floor. Elias kicked Titus in the leg while they were doing their “Titus Worldwide” taunt. Once they returned to the ring Apollo was worried about Titus so Elias hit a Drift Away to get the win.

After the match, Titus jumped in the ring and him and Elias brawled for a moment. Elias left looking strong even though he’ll have Titus O’Neil to face on a later date.

Backstage Segment

Finn Balor was interviewed and he said thank you to Bray Wyatt for doubting him as a man and for pushing him to his absolute limits. He thanked him for helping him do things in the ring he didn’t know he could do. He won it for not only himself but Goldust and everyone he’s stepped on in the past. Then he said he’s going for the Universal Title.

Curt Hawkins History Machine/Braun Strowman’s Path Of Destruction

Hawkins was in the ring boasting about his 118 losing streak and he was ready for his next challenger. But he wasn’t expecting Braun Strowman.

The Monster Among Men rushed to the ring and Hawkins bolted out of the ring. So Braun followed Braun out into the crowd. He caught up with Hawkins and chokeslammed him through a table on the arena floor.

Then Strowman picked Curt back up and heaved him onto the stage. Braun hit Hawkins with a running powerslam through the screens on the entrance ramp. They keep going for the same portion every time they do this kind of spot. It was certainly cool though.

Braun went to the ring and grabbed a microphone. He said he’s on a path of destruction and he’s not leaving until someone gives him a real fight.

Suddenly Dean Ambrose came out. “He has nothing to do tonight guys,” Booker T said.

Braun Strowman vs Dean Ambrose

Yup, this happened. Dean hit a few punches but Braun just tossed him down. Strowman shot Ambrose to the corner and Ambrose bounced off to the canvas.

Strowman used a methodical pace as he wrapped Dean’s arm around the rope and pulled at his shoulder that was heavily taped up. Dean slapped Braun because that’s a good idea and then Braun tossed him down and hammered him in the chest so hard I felt it.

Dean ducked two clotheslines but Braun caught him in a crossbody. Ambrose wrapped himself around Braun’s back but was driven into the turnbuckle. Strowman hit a running clothesline in the corner and Dean fell down hard.

Then Braun started headbutting and striking Dean until he fell to the mat. Strowman covered him by placing one foot on his chest but Ambrose kicked out at one.

Strowman looked like he was trying to rip off Ambrose’s arm and caught a boot to the face. Dean mounted a comeback but was driven out of the ring thanks to a shot from Braun.

Strowman tossed Ambrose into the barricade but Dean got a poke to the eyes and bounced Strowman off the post.

Once they returned to the ring Dean jumped on Braun and hammered away on him. Braun ran at Dean but he lowered the top rope and Strowman went outside. Braun caught Ambrose when he went for a suicide dive but Dean turned it into a thunderous DDT on the outside.

Ambrose kicked him in the face and followed with a dropkick and then he started hitting clotheslines but Braun didn’t fall. Dean moved and Braun took a shoulder to the post and Ambrose climbed up for the elbow drop but Braun caught him.

Strowman hit a running powerslam and got the win.

Backstage Segment

Kurt Angle was backstage telling a WWE Official to keep a close eye on Miztourage during their The Miz’s match later tonight.

Insert Enzo here. The new Cruiserweight Champion came in saying he wanted a celebration. Angle said his victory isn’t worthy of a celebration.

Enzo said every champion gets a celebration while calling him an Olympic Hater. Then Kurt asked Enzo if he needed any advice, “naw, I’m good” Enzo said and he left.

Dean Ambrose was backstage looking beat up. Seth Rollins handed him an icepack for his shoulder and Seth asked him to keep the risks at a minimum. Then Seth said Dean needs to think a little more. Dean said Seth needs to think less and be less predictable.

Ambrose called Cesaro a “reverse chipmunk” for losing his teeth. Then Seth Rollins said he was going to talk to Kurt Angle and get a match against Braun Strowman next week.

Alexa Bliss Segment

Bliss came to the ring in street clothes but had the Raw Women’s Title around her waist. She said she knows her and the WWE Universe don’t always see eye-to-eye but she’s always considered them her friends.

But she’s disappointed in everyone. She called Bayley, Sasha, Emma, and Nia Jax “future Hall Of Famers” while putting herself over for beating them at No Mercy.

Bliss said, “you are all so fascinated with the idea of what might happen tomorrow, you don’t even appreciate the fact that you are in the presence of a goddess right now!” She was on fire during this segment.

She said she cleaned out the Raw Women’s Division and then Mickie James came out.

James said she wasn’t in the match at No Mercy. Then Mickie brought up what Bliss said about her on Raw Talk and invited her to tell the people who she really is. Bliss said Mickie was one of her favorites to watch as a little girl and even on her top 8 on MySpace back when MySpace and Mickie James were relevent.

Bliss said she thinks Mickie can do good things because she has a couple fans who say “you still got it.” Everything she said was backhanded and then she told Mickie she didn’t want to see her break a hip.

James called Alexa a “little girl” and the last thing she needs is to run down her accolades. Then Mickie started to run down her accolades. “I’ve been breaking down barriers in WWE while you were wearing a training bra, which is obviously working out well for you.”

Mickie told Alexa Bliss to say what she said on Raw Talk to her face and be a real woman. So Bliss called her an old lady. James just laughed at her and slapped Bliss across the face and sent her out of the ring with a Mick Kick.

Bliss powdered off and left up the ramp.

Sheamus vs Seth Rollins

Cesaro joined his partner at ringside with his unique smile in tow. But it will get fixed… he just needs dental surgery which is going to suuuuck.

Sheamus was very stiff with Seth and took a hard shoulder to the post. Seth hit a suicide dive on Sheamus and then walked over to taunt Cesaro a little bit. Sheamus caught Rollins with an Irish Curse Backbreaker and continued his assault.

Sheamus locked in a stretch muffler submission which he turned into a sitdown powerbomb. After a two count, The Celtic Warrior locked in a Cloverleaf. Rollins got to the ropes to break the hold and launched Sheamus over the top rope.

They fought on the apron and Sheamus hit a knee to the face for a two count. Sheamus taunted the crowd while Seth got to his feet. Rollins ducked under a Brogue Kick but Sheamus jumped to the top.

Rollins caught him with a Superkick and then hit Kenny Omega’s Ripcord for the win.

Backstage Segment

Finn Balor was walking backstage when he saw Goldust. Finn called him Goldy and The Bizaare One said: “it’s Goldust.” He said he’s not a victim. He didn’t ask for his help and doesn’t need it. He said he can do it all by himself. laid out backstage when Goldust ran up to see what was wrong.

Balor apologized to Goldy and said he considers him a friend. Goldust said “I’m sorry” and offered a fist pound. Then he assaulted Finn Balor.laid out backstage when Goldust ran up to see what was wrong.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” Goldust said and then he left Balor as a heap on the floor. Looks like Balor needs to take care of Goldust before he can get a crack at Brock Lesnar.

Roman Reigns vs The Miz

Roman hit a right hand and sent The Miz out of the ring. Then he huddled around the Miztourage and they wasted some time before The Miz got back in the ring.

Roman started laughing at The Miz and followed him out of the ring. Once they returned to the ring, Roman slapped on a side headlock and hit a shoulder tackle. Roman was selling his back when Bo Dallas hit a cheap shot.

Miz hit two kicks and got a two count. Then he slapped on another headlock so they could have a little chat.

Miz sent Reigns outside the ring and distracted the ref as Dallas and Axel send Roman into the barricade. Roman was selling his back from all those AA’s he took at No Mercy and The Miz hit his dropkicks to the corner. But he missed the third one and took a Samoan Drop instead. 1-2-kickout.

Roman started rallying on The Miz and hit a big boot. He cocked his fist and geared up for a Superman Punch but Axel distracted him and Miz hit a clothesline in the corner. Then the It Kicks started. Miz missed the last kick and Roman hit a Superman Punch. Axel took some damage and Miz went outside.

Reigns followed him again and hit a driveby on both Dallas and Axel. Miz hit a DDT when they returned to the ring. 1-2-kickout.

Reigns fought out of the Skull Crushing Finale and hit a spear. 1-2-3 and Roman Reigns wins!

The Miztourage jumped Roman after the match and beat him down. The Miz directed traffic as Dallas and Axel set Roman up but Reigns fought back. He hit a Superman Punch to Miz after tossing Bo and Curtis to the outside.

Then Roman started to stalk Miz. Roman looked like he was going to hit a powerbomb on Miz but The Miztourage jumped in and beat him down with steel chairs. Then they got Reigns up once again and let Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Roman.

Miz wasn’t done and they ran back down to finish him. They hit Roman with more chairs and prepped for some kind of major destruction. The Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale on a steel chair. Then he lowered down another chair shot.

As The Miztourage stood over Roman Reigns they did a Shield fist bump over Reigns’ body to really lay in the foreshadowing.

Finn Balor vs Goldust

Balor tossed Goldust over the top rope early on and then ran around to dropkick him against the barricade. He drove Goldy into the other barricade and that continued for a bit.

They returned to the ring and Goldy drove Balor’s shoulder into the post to send him crashing to the floor. Goldust followed Finn outside and delivered some punishment.

Finn eventually turned it around to hit a shotgun dropkick followed by a Coup De Gras for the win.

But the screen went all Wyatty and some creepy child started singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”… and that was it.

Backstage Segment

Bayley asked Sasha Banks if she got her texts. Banks said she did but acted like there was something wrong. Bayley said No Mercy was every woman for herself.

Sasha seemed to let it bother her and then they agreed to concentrate on tonight’s match. Bayley said she keeps replaying the sound of her shoulder popping out of its socket and sees Nia Jax laughing at her.

The two hug after Bayley said she’s going to make Nia feel her pain.

Enzo approached Kurt Angle and said he’s catching serious jealous vibes. Enzo said he needs a no-contact clause meaning if any 205 Live star touches him they forfeit their chance to challenge Enzo for his new purple title. Angle gave it to him and called him annoying as hell.

Nia Jax and Emma vs Bayley and Sasha Banks

Nia Jax displayed her dominance and woman-handled Bayley and Sasha. She tossed them out of the ring and looked very strong in the match by doing a majority of the work.

Bayley took a lot of abuse from Nia Jax including a nice legdrop on The Hugger’s shoulder.

Emma got the tag so Bayley fought back. But Emma pulled Bayley back. Bayley shoved Emma into Nia in the corner and Sasha got the tag. Banks hit several dropkicks and hit Nia with a forearm followed up by more abuse on Emma but Jax broke up a two count.

Bayley got tossed outside the ring and Jax followed. Bayley was caught by a cross body on Jax but she was dropped and Banks hit her double knees. Nia was driven into the ring post to take her out.

Bayley got a blind tag as Sasha hit a knee. Bayley came in and hit a Bayley To Belly for the win over Emma.

Then they showed Enzo backstage gearing up for his celebration.

Enzo’s Celebration

Enzo came out and was very excited. The ring had a red carpet in it and there was something with a tarp over it on the side of the ring.

Enzo talked trash about Big Cass and put himself over big time. The crowd wasn’t all that behind Enzo. He unveiled his 0 Dimes jersey in some glass in the ring and said he was retiring his jersey.

Enzo said he made 205 Live relevant and suddenly the 205 Live roster all flooded out onto the stage to face Enzo.

“Well, what do we got over here?” Enzo asked, “a cuppa haters? A buncha haters!” Then he trashed Rich Swann for dancing his way to being a nobody.

He came down on Cedric Alexander and called him the man that charisma forgot.

He called Gran Metalik his pepperjack and he said he like him but with a guy like that someone needs to bring a scale out here because there’s no way he’s 205 pounds.

He thanked Drew Gulak for wearing a suit and not dressing like Capt Underpants.

Suddenly Neville’s music hit and Neville walked out looking like the undead. The 205 Live roster split and allowed him to walk out in front of them. Enzo kept running his mouth about Neville and made fun of his big ears.

Neville danced with the Cruiserweight Title. Neville said the truth is unbearable and Enzo is so toxic that he’s alienated everyone he’s come in contact with.

Neville said Enzo came to Raw two years ago to much fanfare but he was dumped off to 205 Live because nobody else wanted him. Neville was delivering a great promo here. He said the 205 Live roster wanted Enzo to have that opportunity.

Neville called Enzo a disgrace and he made a joke out of the division he said he was there to end Enzo and went in the ring.

Enzo said he can’t be touched or Neville will lose his chance at the title. Neville said they’re in the main event of Raw and in the nine months Neville held the CW Title he didn’t even sniff the third hour.

Enzo gloated about how much merchandise money he makes.

Enzo held up the title and his microphone saying Neville is never going to get a shot at the title if he lays a hand on him. So Neville kicked him and tossed Enzo around the ring.

Neville drove Enzo into the barricade a couple of times. Enzo crawled up the ramp but the 205 Live roster cut him off. Neville drug Enzo back in the ring and shoved his no-contact clause in Enzo’s mouth before kicking him in the head.

Then Neville hit a Red Arrow on Enzo and that move has never looked more beautiful. Raw ended with Neville looking at Enzo while he laid on the mat looking shocked and destroyed.